“How can the Virtual Tour promote your Heritage”


Nowadays, Heritage is increasingly valued, either at national and international level, as a cultural affirmation or for the future memory of the preceding generations. It is therefore crucial to find new ways to disseminate and promote it, using formats that bring modernism and innovation to a traditionally conservative sector.

Virtual Tours are that tool!!!!

Allow your visitors or guests to travel through your Heritage (Palaces, Museums, Archaeological Sites or Contemporary Art Centres) in an immersive and interactive way, thus promoting the cultural assets you have on display (such as paintings, sculptures, carvings, porcelain or furniture).


This 3D rendering will help Promote your Heritage as follows:


. By being able to visit the historic spaces without having to travel all the way to them, when a person later actually travels to the space itself, they can go to the areas of greater interest to them;


. Already in the educational sphere, your Heritage can be the stage of a digital class (history, art or other), allowing schools to teach their students with a more dynamic and fascinating lesson;


. By recording an exhibition, oftentimes ephemeral, with Virtual Twin, you can store it in the point cloud and, in the future, show that same exhibition in a different way to your visitors/guests;


A Virtual Tour is, thus, an excellent way for you to share your Heritage with more people than can visit it, without restrictions of access or social distancing, reaching more people than the space itself can receive.


Promote your Heritage with VIRTUAL TWIN Virtual Tours – From Real to 3D Digital.


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